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The Coffee and About Our Roastery

The roasters select the best available coffee beans through a tedious practice of sample roasting and evaluation through cupping. While identifying defects is important, much of the evaluation process is to explore the expansive amounts of flavor profiles and quality variation that exists in coffee. The roasters also strive to create an array of interesting nuance amongst their selections. They have been known to work directly with the farm to obtain the coffee they desire. Then, the coffee is roasted in small batches based on your order. You will feel comforted to know your coffee hasn’t been on a shelf for a week.

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At UP Coffee Roasters, you get an incredible coffee that has been handled, processed, shipped, and roasted with the upmost attention – not only to the quality of the beans, but also to the quality of life surrounding it. The roasters at UP Coffee Roasters are also qualified to help you brew your coffee perfectly; ask us about getting your café Gold Cup Certified. Find out for yourselves and contact the roastery today.

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