COFFEE Vacuum Storage Containers

Over the last several decades an international phenomenon has occurred making coffee everybody’s favorite “feel good” drink & launching its popularity to new heights. Coffee has taken the world by storm or shall we say by the brewing of the storm!

This new found popularity has made coffee one of the worlds most valuable & traded commodities. This has made proper Coffee Storage an important factor, indispensable for maintaining the value of your purchase, its freshness & flavor.

Like Tea, Coffee has a long history & folklore, from medicinal & spiritual use in the ancient Middle East to the modern day office office coffee break. Brazil remains the largest coffee exporting nation and the forecast worldwide is that 7 million metric tons of coffee will be sold in 2010. Coffee’s medicinal purposes continue today having found coffee contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing cell damage. Spiritual use remains, as we all know a cup will lift the spirit!

Roasted coffee beans emit comparably large amounts of gas, carbon dioxide to be specific. This is why most coffee manufacturers use foil bags with a one way degassing valve to store beans. The valves on these bags open at a specific pressure, allowing for the excess gasses to escape. At the same time the one way valve is preventing oxygen from entering the bag & causing the beans to go stale.

Absolutely the best way to store coffee beans or grounds is in an airtight container away from light, moisture and heat. It has been a long time belief & practice that freezing coffee is the best way to maintain the flavor & taste. This only applies to whole beans; not the ground coffee. Whole beans naturally preserve the flavor by keeping the inside of the bean from exposure to the elements. As soon as the bean is ground, it begins to lose its essence, flavor and vitality. By storing beans whole you can preserve the rich aromatic coffee taste you expect & enjoy. There are many experts who disagree with freezing coffee, citing that a frozen coffee bean causes the cell walls on the outer layer of the bean to burst. This changes the molecular structure and the coffee goes stale quickly. Gasses are released, moisture and oils evaporate. In addition, people do not thaw coffee properly after freezing & moisture from the condensation will also cause damage to the bean.

Tightvac’s Coffeevac has a unique patented vacuum open & close system that acts in exactly the same way as a one way degassing valve, allowing natural gasses to escape without allowing any oxygen into the container. Coffeevacs are a revolution in coffee storage; Air Tight & Smell proof, they create a vacuum seal every time you open and close the container. They come in a large selection of sizes & in Solid, Tinted or Clear body styles. Tightvacs and Coffeevacs are also refrigerator & freezer friendly. These are the necessary & important components that make Coffeevacs the ideal coffee storage container. Insuring freshness, maintaining the aromatic & subtle flavors of your coffee, makes Tightvacs and Coffeevacs the only container on the market that will keep the qualities of these delicate earth given products fresher for longer so you can always enjoy great tasting coffee all the time!

No matter which way you choose to store coffee, Coffeevacs are the ultimate choice for a coffee storage container and will insure the perfect cup or two or three all day long!

Coffeevac 1 Pound – Solid Black – Black Cap

1.85 liter Coffeevac is the perfect 1 pound/500g Vacuum Storage Container!

The easy push button system allows the carbon dioxide gas to escape from your beans – But does not let oxygen in! The solid body style guarantee’s full protection from the elements and is always recommended for longer term storage.

Features include – Designed with a wide mouth making it easy to use with a scoop. Vacuum seals your Coffee & Tea every time you open & close your Coffeevac! The 1 pound Coffeevac will easily fit into most cupboards.

This really is the Ultimate Vacuum Coffee System. Coffeevacs are designed to last and with proper maintenance and care can last for many years. Truly – The Sustainable Container!

Size 1.85 liter = 7-3/4″tall x 4-7/8″diameter.

Coffeevac 5 Pounds – Solid Black – Black Cap

Freshness made easy

The biggest Vacuum sealed household container in the world! Simply Amazing, This Black Breadvac will double if not triple the shelflife of all light sensitive goods. Will also store 5+ pounds of Coffee beans & ground Coffee, 5+ pounds of Tea, Pasta & cereals, 10 pounds of rice, flour,& brown sugar and all your bulk items that often spoil before you use them.

Simply line the arrows with the buttons on the side of the Breadvac and push down or pull off – The Breadvac has a locking handle – Twist right to lock – Twist left to unlock. Comes with a stackable rack.
The Breadvac is made from European Union – EU approved recyclable, Food Grade polystyrene # 6 plastic.

The Breadvac has a large 10 liter + capacity.

Approximate dimensions = 14″ inches (tall) X 8.5″ inches (wide) or 35.6 centimeters (tall) X 21.5 centimeters (wide)

There is plenty of room for the even largest loaves of bread, a regular loaf fits with ease, large bags of bagels or muffins, buns, crackers & pastries.
You can also store all dried goods in a Breadvac ,especially great for breakfast cereals.

ROASTERS -Eliminate Bags! This is the only Sustainable 5 LBS Vacuum sealed Container!

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