Cleaners & Sanitation Supplies

If Cleanliness is Next to Godliness, Then There Must Be a Church of Espresso

Having a clean espresso machine, cafe, restaurant, or bar is crucial to any business. Keeping up with the messy tasks is easier when your supply isn’t simply a sponge and water. Here is a list of what we carry and also use at Up Cafe. If you have questions regarding pricing or product, please Contact Us.


Espresso Machine Cleaners

PuroCaff Espresso Machine Cleaner Powder – 20 oz. bottle
PuroCaff Espresso Machine Cleaner Tablets – 150 per bottle
PuroCaff Dairy Cleaner Liquid – 32 oz. bottle
Wipz Steam Wand Cleaner – 100ct per pack

Coffee Residue Cleaners

CPC Coffee Pot Cleaner Liquid – 6 x 0.5 liter bottles per case
Urnex Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner – 3 packs per box


TDC Tab-Det Detergent #209 – 100 tablets per bottle
DBC Drain Board Cleaner – 12 x 1 qt. bottles per case

Grinder Cleaners

Urnex Grindz Grinder Cleaner – 15.2 oz. bottle


Chlor-Tab Sanitizer – 100 tablets per bottle 

Garbage Bags

Slim Jim Garbage Can Liners (Black, 33 gallon) – 100 bags per case
Slim Jim Garbage Can Liners (Black, 40 gallon) – 100 bags per case
Bio Bag Compostable Garbage Bags (Green, 40 by 46 inch) – 100 bags per case

Assorted Sanitation Supples

Slim Jim Garabage Can (Grey) – 23 gallon, special order
“Wet Floor” Sign (Yellow, 25 inches)
Foam Soap Dispenser – 250 mL
Foam Antibacterial Soap Refills – 3 x 250 mL refills per case