Cappuccine “New Green Frappes” Promotion


Now is the time to take advantage of this great promotion!

Buy 2 cases of any of the new “green” flavors from Cappuccine and get 1 case FREE of the same flavor!

Four Brand New Flavors from Cappuccine!

* Premium Japanese Green Tea flavors:

1. Matcha Frappé – Delicious tea profile, not too sweet, a coffeehouse favorite.

2. Blueberry Matcha Frappé – Beautifully balanced tea and crisp, fresh blueberries.

* Fabulous Premium Frappé flavors

3. Pistachio Frappé – A most popular ice cream flavor now delivered to your customers from your blender!

4. Honeydew Frappé – A new classic; the sweet, ripe mouth-watering flavor of fresh Honeydew melon through your straw!

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