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Gelato Wholesale DistributorsGelato may be the Italian word for ice cream, but it is distinctively different from the ordinary frozen desert. It is often said that gelato is “the way ice cream should taste.” For gelato’s long history, it has been most popular with Italians and Spaniards, and with the popularity of ice cream and custard on the rise in the United States, gelato is now being discovered as an alternative and an addition to a current line of business.

There are some major characteristic differences with gelato when compared to American ice cream and custard. For starters, gelato has a low fat content of 1%-8% compared to ice cream. Gelato has a much higher density than ice cream, because less air is mixed into the product (20%-30%) compared to ice cream (60% to 100%). This results in a richer, creamier product that has a more intense flavor. Gelato does not require hardening like ice cream and can be made in small batches daily. With the same equipment, you can also prepare Italian sorbet, which is similar in style and production to standard gelato, but contains no dairy. Sorbet is very low in fat and many times fat free and is normally made with fruit flavors.

As with coffee, gelato making is an art. If you have questions regarding recipes, displays, or our wholesale gelato pricing, Contact Us. Our in house cafe always has a batch up for sampling!

Fabbri Logo

Fabbri 1905

At Up Coffee Roasters, we offer a single, exceptional brand for all our wholesale gelato products, pastry, and ice cream ingredients. Fabbri is a 110 year old company based in Bologna, Italy. They have been producing ingredients and flavors for gelato, pastry, and coffee since their inception. Fabbri is the most successful flavor company in Italy and is now imported exclusively by Up Coffee Roasters for the upper midwest region. The following list are the subcategories for Fabbri products:
Delicious Paste – Classic and Savory Flavors
Delicious Paste – Hazelnut and Pistachio
Delicious Paste – Fruit Flavors
Fabbri Simplé – Classic and Savory Flavors
Fabbri Simplé – Fruit Flavors
Gelato and Sorbetto Bases
Gelato and Sorbetto Bases – Flavored
Dialight (No Sugar Added Base)
Emulsifier Yogurt Powders
Cremagelato & Supersoft Soft-Serve
Granitina – Granita Base
Icings, Nappages, Toppings, and Marbling
Gelato Pops Retail Items

We offer a 5% discount on full cases of most gelato products. Ask and save on your next order!

Delicious Paste – Classic and Savory Flavors

Natural pastes for gelato, ice creams, pastries, and cakes! 8 tins or 3 tubs per full case

Almond – 1.35 kg tin
Amaretto – 1.3 kg tin
Azzurrokrem (Tropical Blue) – 1.35 kg tin
Baba – 4.7 kg tub
Biscotti – 1.5 kg tin
Caramel – 1.5 kg tin
Cappuccino – 1.4 kg tin
Cassata Siciliana (Dried Fruit) – 3 kg tin (seasonal)Chocolate Delipaste
Chocolate – 1.2 kg tin or 4.1 kg tub
Crostata (Birthday Cake) – 1.5 kg tin
French Vanilla – 1.5 kg tin
Gianduia Torino (Hazelnut & Chocolate) – 1.2 kg tin or 4.3 kg tub
Leche Merengada (Cinnamon with Meringue Pieces) – 4.5 kg tub
Licorice – 1.5 kg tin
Mandorlata (Toasted Almond with pieces) – 3.9 kg tin
Marron Glaces (Italian Chestnuts) – 1.5 kg tinMandorlata
Green Mint – 1.5 kg tin
Moka (Coffee) – 1.45 kg tin
Nata (Sweet Cream) – 1.5 kg tin
Panna Cotta (Creme Brulee) – 1.5 kg tin
Peanut Butter – 3.8 kg tub
Rhumba (Eggnog) – 1.4 kg tin (seasonal)
Rum Raisin – 1.5 kg tin (seasonal)
Straciatella – 3.8 kg tub
Tiramisu – 1.25 kg tin
Vanilla Bourbon – 1.5 kg tin
SUPER Vanilla – 1.5 kg tin
Walnut – 3.2 kg tub
White Chocolate – 4.1 kg tub
White Chocolate Straciatella – 3.8 kg tub
White Mint – 1.5 kg tin
Zabaione Marsala – 1.25 kg tin
Zuppa Inglese/Trifle (Rum-soaked Triple Layere Cake with Fruit, Chocolate, and Custard) – 1.5 kg tin

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Delicious Paste – Hazelnut and Pistachio Flavorings

Your favorite nut based flavors for gelato, ice cream, pastries, and cakes!

Hazelnut Cremosa (Light Roasted Hazelnuts) – 1 kg tin
Hazelnut Cremosa (Dark Roasted Hazelnuts) – 3.5 kg tub
Nocciola E Cacao (Hazelnut & Chocolate) – 4.2 kg tub
Pistachio Pure – tin or 3.6 kg tub
Pistachio F (French Smooth) – 4.3 kg tub
Pistachio Granulato (Ground with pieces) – 1.5 kg tin

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 Delicious Paste – Fruit Flavorings

Natural pastes for gelato, ice creams, pastries, and cakes! Unrivaled for their natural fresh fruit flavors, they meet hygiene requirements by guaranteeing optimal results both in quantity and quality. They can be used with or without frozen fruit. 8 x 1.5 kg tins per caseGelato

Amarena Cherry, Apricot, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Coconut (1.35 kg tin), Green Apple, Kiwi, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Melon, Maracuja (Passion Fruit), Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Fruit/Mixed Berry


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Fabbri Simplé – Classic and Savory FlavorsSimple Logo

Balanced and complete products for rich, creamy gelato and sorbettos!

Chocolate – 1.45 kg tin
Coconut – 1 kg bag
Cinnamon – 1.25 kg bag
Cola – 1.5 kg tin (special order)
Cotton Candy – 1.5 kg tin
Cremolpann (Unflavored base for gelato) – 1.5 kg tin
Green Mint – 1.5 kg tin
Neutral (Unflavored base for sorbetto) – 1.5 kg tin
Sambuca Molinari – 1.5 kg tin
Tiramisu – 1.45 kg tin
Vanilla – 1.5 kg tin

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Fabbri Simplé – Fruit Flavors

Perfectly balanced mixtures of fruit concentrates with stabilizers, emulsifiers, and sugars. Perfect for the quick and simple preparation of delicious gelato and sorbetto!

Simple Strawberry A.C.E. (Orange, Carrot, & Exotic Fruit) – 1.5 kg tin
Banana – 1.5 kg tin
Blood Orange – 1.25 kg bag
Blueberry – 1.5 kg tin
Coconut – 1.5 kg tin
Green Apple – 1.5 kg tin
Kiwi – 1.5 kg tin
Lime – 1.25 kg bag
Limoncello – 1.25 kg bag
Mandarinello (Mandarin Orange) – 1.25 kg bag
Mango – 1.5 kg tin
Melon – 1.5 kg tin
Mojito – 1.5 kg tin
Mulberry – 1.5 kg tin
Papaya – 1.5 kg tin
Peach – 1.5 kg tin
Pear – 1.5 kg tin
Pineapple – 1.5 kg tin
Pompelmo Rosa (Pink Grapefuit) – 1.25 kg bag
Sicilian (Strong) Lemon – 1.5 kg tin
Strawberry – 1.5 kg tin
Watermelon – 1.5 kg tin
Wild Fruits – 1.5 kg tin

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Gelato and Sorbetto Base

Powdered products for preparing mix base for cream-flavored gelato. They guarantee creamy gelato, good preservation in the tub and excellent structure.

Morbifrutta (Lactose & Gluten Free) – 1 kg bag
Nevepann 50C (Hot Process) – 2.5 kg bag *TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, BUT MATCHING C/F PRICE!*
Nevepann 50F (Cold Process) – 2.5 kg bag
Nevepann 50 C/F (Hot or Cold Process) – 2.5 kg bag
Nevepann 50 Bavaria (Hot or Cold Process – 2.5 kg bag
Neutro 10 C Gelato Base – 1 kg bag
Nevefrutta Fruit Sorbetto Base – 2.5 kg bag

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Gelato and Sorbetto Base – FlavoredLemon L

Flavoring powders for ice cream, gelato, and sorbetto. Just add milk or water!

Lemon L Sorbet Base – 1 kg bag
Orange L Sorbet Base – 1 kg bag
Gran Cioccolato (Italian Chocolate) – 2.5 kg bag
Gran Fondente (Dark Chocolate) – 2.5 kg bag

Concentrated Flavoring Powders

Pamatis Mascarpone Powder – 1 kg base
New York Cheesecake – 1 kg base

Preparation Powder for Producing and Stabilizing Whip Cream and Mousse

Moussecream+5 – 1 kg bag Back to the top

Dialight (No Sugar Added Base)

For absolutely delicious, low calorie gelato!
Chocolate Dialight – 750 g bag
Vanilla Dialight – 750 g bag

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Fabbri Fabbrisoff Emulsifier

Fabbrisoff is an emulsifying gel used in both ice creams (gelato and sorbetto) and pastry. For water based fruit flavored ice creams, Fabbrisoff improves amalgamation of the ingredients, making the product creamier and easier to serve over a period of time. For ice cream which contains a certain amount of fat, such as hazelnut or chocolate, the emulsifying capacity of Fabbrisoff avoids excessive hardening of the product during conservation. You can add Fabbrisoff into any mixture prior to pouring it into the batch freezer or the batch freezer before pouring the mix in. To be used always in sorbetto, as well as in gelato.

Fabbrisoff Emulsifier – 5 kg tub

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Yogurt Powders

A range of complete and concentrated products for making delicious whipped and soft-ice gelato with yogurt!

Yog30 ‘Mild” – 1 kg bag
FrabbriYog ‘Strong’ – 1 kg bag

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Cremagelato & Supersoft Soft-Serve

A range of complete and concetrated products for making delicious whipped and soft gelato!

Cremagelato Chocolate – 500 g bag
Cremagelato Fiordilatte – 500 g bag
Cremagelato Vanilla – 500 g bag
Cremagelato Yogurt – 500 g bag
Supersoft Soft-Serve Mix – 1.5 kg bag

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Granitina – Granita Base

Ready to use powder preparation for making neurtal slush in just a few moments. When ready, simply take the required quantity of slush and add the flavor straight into the glass. Granitina affrords you the option to offer literally hundreds of granita flavors each day! Bulk Case – (12×1 kg bags per case) Each bag yields 3.5 gallons of neutral granita base.

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Icings, Nappages, Toppings, and Marbling

NappageAmarena Nappage

Nappage glaze for pastry applications. Always stays transparent and bright both above and below freezing and is easy to cut.

Amarena Nappage Glaze – 3.2 kg tub
Apricot Nappage Glaze – 3.2 kg tub
Caramel Nappage Glaze – 4.5 kg tub
Chocolate Nappage Glaze – 3.2 kg bag
Lemon Nappage Glaze – 4.5 kg bag
Neutral Nappage Glaze – 3.2 kg bag
Strawberry Nappage Glaze – 4.5 kg bag
Balsamic Topping – 34 oz bottleAmarena Cherries


This is soft and creamy while you pour it, but becomes a delicious, crunchy, chocolate coating when it touches gelato, ‘semifreddo’, or other frozen desserts. 32 oz bottles

Chocolate & White Chocolate

Ripples, Marbling, and Inclusions

Also known as Variegati , Fabbri specialties to layer, marble swirl, or ripple in artisan gelato or sorbetto in the tub.

Almond Honey Marbling – 3.8 kg tub
Amarena Export Marbling – 4.5 kg tub
Amarena Cherries (In syrup) Topping/Ripple – 3.2 kg tin
Amarena Cherries (Not in syrup) Topping – 1.85 kg tin & JUMBO 10 kg case
Biscotti Cookies Marbling – 4.3 kg tub
Caramelized Fig Topping/Ripple – 4.5 kg tub
Cioccobianco Con Meringhe (White chocolate & Crunchy) – 4.2 kg tub
Lime Marbling with pieces – 4.5 kg tub
Mango Marbling – 4.5 kg tub
Mou Toffee Caramel Marbling – 4.5 kg tub
Peanut Blaster Crunch Marbling – 4.5 kg tub
Strawberry Marbling with pieces – 4.3 kg tub
Wild Fruits Marbling – 4.3 kg tub (special order)

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Gelato Pops

Ready to use powder preparation for making gelato pops in just a few moments.

Gelato Pop Stick Kit (12 silicone molds, stick,s, and tray pan inserts)
Gelato Pop Base Powder – 1 kg bag
Amarena Cherry Flavor Coating – 3.8 kg tub
Cotton Candy (Blue) Flavor Coating – 3.8 kg tub
Dark Chocolate Flavor Coating – 3.8 kg tub
Pistachio Flavor Coating – 3.8 kg tub
White Chocolate Flavor Coating – 3.8 kg tub

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Retail Items

Amarena Cherry Retail Gift Jars

6×21.14 oz opaline jars per case 6×8 oz small jars per case 24x 4.25 oz mini jars per case

Baba (Italian Spongecake Soaked in Rum Syrup)

6×400 g jars per case

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