Astra Manufacturing offers a full line of Commercial Espresso Machines that are designed to efficiently maximize output in a cost effective manner. Astra espresso machines offer large capacity tanks and fast output time unmatched in the industry. Their modular design allows for complete customization and the auto-tamp feature helps create the perfect, consistent shot. Made in the USA!!!

Astra Pro GAP

Single Group

Fully Automatic Pour-over


Astra Mega II

Two Group

12.5 Liter Boiler

480 Cups/hr Production Capacity


Astra 2000 Fully Automatic

A reliable, f ully automatic machine that anyone can operate.

A simple touch of a button creates a perfect drink every time!

Makes up to 7 different drinks.

Temperature sensor shuts off steam when milk reaches desired temperature.

Steams, tamps, extracts, dispenses, mixes like a real Barista!

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