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drink machine MP.gif

Drink Machine MP

drink machine - advance.gif

Drink Machine Advance

bar boss.gif


bar boss MP.gif

Barboss MP

barboss - advance.gif

Barboss Advance

blending station MP.gif

Blending Station MP

blending station - advance.gif

Blending Station Advance

touch and go blending station.gif

Touch & Go Blending System


Portion Blending System

portion blending system - advance.gif

Portion Blending System – Advance

vita-prep 3.gif

Vita-Prep 3


Mix’n Machine



Hoppers 48, 64 & 80 oz:

  • 48oz Hopper for Vita-Mixer w/blade only. wo/lid.
  • Vita Mix Complete Hopper w/lid & blade 48oz
  • 8oz Vita Mix Hopper WO/Blade (just the Acrylic)
  • 48oz MP Hopper
  • Vita Mix MP complete Hopper with Blade & Lid
  • Vita Mix MP Hopper with Blade only/no lid
  • 64oz Hoppers
  • 64oz Complete Hopper for Vita-Mixer w/blade & lid
  • Hopper for Vita-Mixer/Container only 64oz 758
  • Hopper for Vita-Mixer/Container & Blade 64oz

Vita Mix Parts:

  • Vita Mix Retainer nut Wrench – Aluminum 1222
  • Vita Mix Ice Blade Assembly for 48 & 64 oz Standard Pitchers (NOT MP)
  • Vita Mix MP Blade Assembly”  #15577
  • Drive socket / clutch
  • Vita Mix Lighted Start Switch CTL126
  • Lid Plug
  • Vita Mix Blade Assembly Retainer Nut for MP #15585
  • Vita Mix Blending Station Sound Reducing Centering Pad for MP 15579
  • Vita Mix Blade Assembly Retainer Nut #836
  • Vita Mix Bar Boss Sound Reducing Centering Pad
  • Vita Mix Tamper #760
  • Vita Mix Tamper Holder
  • 15530 Timing Board
  • Vita Mix Repair Kit #15519
  • Vita Mixer Rubber Top w/lid plug
  • Whisper Blend Sound Chamber for Vita Mix Bar Boss

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