Big Train adds 5 new products


You’ve been asking for new flavors so here you go: Big Train has some new products in the works and the first five have been released and are now available in our warehouse. Green Apple Fruit Tea Blast with a pound of fresh fruit in every bottle, Organic Serano Chai Tea, Pralines N Cream Ice Rage and Peaches N Cream Ice Rage. The Green Apple Blast will be a great addition to the Tea Blast line and a perfect addition to the hot summer season. Organic Chai requests are definitely on the up-rise so BT decided to replace it’s Eastern Chai with an Organic version in a more convenient tetra package. To the Ice Rage line they’ve added Pralines N Cream and Peaches N Cream. Finally, the popular 20 Below Frozen Hot Chocolate now has a new cousin, 20 Below Frozen WHITE Hot Chocolate. Can you say Yummy? Go ahead, say it, Y U M M Y. All are in stock in our warehouse and ready for your orders. We hope to have sample packs by the first of August, but if these are anything like the rest of the Big Train line, then you know you wont need a sample to know they’re great. We expect to see a 2nd new Tea Blast by August 1st and maybe some other new flavors too. What are you waiting for, click the ‘order form’ button on the left side right now!