Iced and Hot Tea

Tea is a commodity with an extensive and fascinating history. From the earliest times tea was renowned for its properties as a healthy, refreshing drink. Originating in China and Japan, tea made its way from the Far East to London coffee houses in the 1600′s. The British developed many of their societal customs and traditions around tea, leading its importance even here in the states. Serving tea is an art and offering a good selection of tea in combination with coffee is a way to add variety and interest to your menu. Not everyone loves coffee the way you do.

Below is a list of our current tea selections sorted by brand. If you have pricing or further product questions, please Contact Us. 
Numi Organic Tea
Two Leaves and a Bud
Mrs. Kelly’s Tea
Tea on the Rocks


What is Cascara?cascara

Cascara [‘kaskara]: Spanish for “husk,” is tea composed of remnant coffee cherry husks after having been dried during processing.

Coffee cherries sit out under the sun to dry during natural processing. As the husks and beans separate, they are collected, sorted, and used for a variety of purposes, although rarely exported.

Cascara is meant to steep like tea and only contains 25% of the caffeine as your normal cup of brewed coffee. Unlike the tea plant, cascara responds very openly to different brewing techniques. That is to say, alter the recipe as you see fit!

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Numi Organic Tea

Numi inspires well-being of mind, body, and spirit through the simple art of tea. The company is rooted in principle of creating a healthful product that nurtures people and honors  the planet. In all of their company initiatives, they strive to foster a healthy, thriving global community while bringing you the purest, best-tasting organic tea.

Numi Hot Tea Bags

Age Earl Numi

With ice, you can turn your favorite hot teas into tasty cold steeps come summer time!

Bulk Case (6 boxes containing 18 bags each)

Aged Earl Grey
Breakfast Blend
Chamomile Lemon
Chinese Breakfast
Chocolate Puerh (16 bags per box)
Dry Desert Lime
Decaf Earl Grey
Decaf Ginger Lemon (16 bags per box)
Emperor’s Puerh (16 bags per box)
Golden Chai
Green Rooibos
Gunpowder Green
Jasmine Green
Maté Lemon
Moroccan Mint
Orange Spice (16 bags per box)
Rooibos Red
Rooibos Chai
Toasted Rice
White Rose (16 bags per box)

Numi Loose Teaslogo_NumiTea_lg

1 pound bags

Chocolate Puerh
Gunpowder Green
Moroccan Mint
Ti Kuan Yin
White Rose

Numi Iced Tea

24×1.2 oz pouches per case

Berried Treasure
Cool Mint (1.4 oz pouches)
High Mountain Black

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Two Leaves and a Bud

Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company was one of the pioneers of the pyramid shaped tea sachet, which allows tea drinkers to experience whole leaf tea in the comfort of their own home. The sachet gives the whole tea leaves the ability to expand, yielding a rich, flavorful cup that cannot be paralleled. All of their teas are organic, unless otherwise notes.

Hot Tea Bags

Bulk Case (6 boxes containing 15 bags each)Two Leaves logo

Alpine Berry Herbal Tea*
Assam Breakfast Tea
Better Belly Blend
Better Rest Blend
Better Mourning Blend
Earl Grey
Gen Mai Cha
Jasmine Petal
Mountain High Chai
Orange Sencha Green
Orchard Berry (previously known as Pomegranate Berry)
Peppermint TeaTL sachet
Tamayokucha Green Tea
Tropical Goji
White Peony

Iced Tea Bags

Alpine Berry Herbal Tea*
Assam Breakfast Tea
Blood Orange
Meyer Lemon
Tropical Green

* = Not organic, but however GMO free

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Mrs. Kelly’s Tea MrsKelly

Since 1992, Mindy Kelly has brought her self-developed herbal tisane blends to the masses of tea lovers around the country. She originally sold at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, and much to her delight, the shoppers loved them. Several years later, Mrs. Kelly continues to custom blend all of her teas daily from her own special recipes. We love supporting this Minneapolis-based product!

Mrs. Kelly’s Loose Leaf Teas

1 pound bags

Fairy Tisane
Jasmine Special Grade
Mango White
Mrs. Kelly’s Breakfast Blend

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Tea on the RocksTea-On-The-Rocks-Bottle

Ultra-pasturized black tea concentrate! 1 oz makes 1 gallon of delicious iced tea. Serve plain or add your favorite flavorings for your daily specials. This tea won’t get bitter or cloudy as it sits. Less than a dollar per gallon, Tea on the Rocks is the easiest iced tea you will ever make. The patented container makes the concentrate shelf stable and easy to pour.

32 oz squeeze bottle
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