A Different Kind of Pop

Name brand sodas can be found at any retail outlet. We decided to look else where for soda that is as unique as us.

A Note About Our Soda Policy
Soda cases are too fragile to ship via Spee Dee Delivery. They are only available to local delivery routes and will call pickups.

Spring Grove Soda
Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer

Spring Grove SodaSpring-Grove

From the small town of Spring Grove, MN comes a soda with big flavor. Since opening in 1895, soda enthusiast have enjoyed the sweet taste of Spring Grove Soda, having sustained themselves as a local, independent soda company. The same great flavor that has been favored by children for over a century has such a refreshing taste as to be nostalgic of simpler times for adults as well.

24x12oz bottles per case

Black Cherry
Cream Soda
Creamy Orange
Lemon Sour
Root Beer

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Cock’n Bull Ginger BeerCock-N-Bull

Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer is naturally flavored and caffeine free. From the former legendary Cock’n Bull restaurant in Hollywood, California, this tart, yet flavorful beverage makes a great soft drink or mixer.

24x12oz bottles per case

Original Ginger Beer
Cherry Ginger Beer

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