Seasonal Beverages

With the changes in the weather comes changes in mood and trends. We try and stay up to date with the latest trend, but providing glimpses of whats to come alongside seasonal staples. However, our stock of seasonal beverages are always subject to run out, especially during those weather changing months. Before making a decision, please Contact Us to check on a specific product’s availability.

To help, seasonal beverages have been separated by appropriate season, yet, may be purchased outside of designated season if in stock. All products can also be found in their main menu categories.


Spring and Summer Seasonal Products

The snow has melted and trees are budding again. Rainy days freckle sunny ones while our cabin fever is finally subdued. A few months later, summer is in full session, and we completely forget about cold chill as we walk along in shorts and sandals.

During this time, customers are more likely to walk out their door to their local cafe, rather than brew a cup at home. Here are a list of products that relate best to the sunnier half of the year.

Iced Teas and Cold Press

The warmth of summer can make the tastiest tea or coffee seem dangerous. Here is a list of our iced tea selections and cold press recommendations.

Numi Organic Tea offers three different varieties of iced tea packets, including Berried Treasure, Cool Mint Green, and High Mountain Black. However, each one of their hot teas can be steeped in lukewarm warm with ice to individualized a customer’s order.

Two Leaves and a Bud bundles two of their teas, Alpine Berry and Assam Breakfast, into batch sized pouches, saving time for your cafe staff.

Tea on the Rocks is designed to be easiest way to make a large batch of iced tea without compensating quality. Each ounce gives you one gallon of tea. We recommend adding additional flavor to individualize your cafe’s signature iced tea.

For cold press, Up Cafe uses our Matador Espresso, which is ground coarsely and sat for 24hrs. Gives a call, and we will be happy to share ratios, other coffee options, and ways to ensure your cold press comes out as good, if not better than our own!


Big Train Shaken Lemonade

Bulk Case (5x2lb bags per case)
Mango Green Tea

Davinci-LemonadeDaVinci Fruit Innovations Lemonade

750 mL bottle



Fall and Summer Seasonal Products

CiderMountain Cider Company wholesale

Mountain Cider Company

Bulk Case (4 x 64 oz bottles per case

Gingerbread Powder & Syrup

Big Train

Gingerbread Chai
Bulk Case (4 x 3.5  lb bags per case)


Gingerbread Syrup
1 L plastic bottle


Peppermint Sauce & Powder

Big TrainBig Train seasonal drinks wholesale

Peppermint Mocha Frappe Powder
Bulk Case (5 x 3.5 lb bags per case)

Pumpkin Pie Chai
Bulk Case (4 x 3.5  lb bags per case)


Peppermint Bark Sauce
64 oz jug

Pumpkin Chai, Sauce, & Syrup


Pumpkin Spice Syrup
750 mL plastic bottle

Big Train

Pumpkin Spice Frappe Powder
Bulk Case (5 x 3.5 lb bags per case)



Pumpkin Spice Syrup
1 L plastic bottle


Pumpkin Pie Syrup
750 mL plastic bottle

Pumpkin Pie Sauce
64 oz jug







For pricing or additional product information, please Contact Us