Dairy & Soy

“Soy” Much More Than Milk

Shelf stable dairy and soy products are harder to come by than one might think. Alas, Pacific Foods offer great options for those looking for bases for blending or simply for sipping.

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Pacific Foods Blenders are specially formulated to withstand the high temperatures of steaming for improved performance. Bringing a clean, sweet finish makes it perfect for use in coffee, latte, and chai beverages. Formulated for professional use!

USDA-Organic-SealThe following products we offer are all organic, brought to us by Pacific Foods. If you have any questions regarding pricing or product, please Contact Us.

12x32oz aseptic cartons per case

Barista Series Almond Milk
Barista Series Dairy Blender
Barista Series Soy Blenderpacificsoy
Barista Series Vanilla Soy Blender
Original Almond Milk
Original Hemp Milk
Ultra Soy Milk (With Protein and Calcium)
Vanilla Hemp Milk

We also offer a line of Pacific Foods Soups, which can be found here.


Like the carton says, Jet’s dairy base is “always shelf stable (no need to thaw) and 100% preseravtive free while maintaining fresh dairy flavor.” How do they do it?!

12x32oz aseptic cartons per case

Blended Beverage Base