Chai Tea

Modern society has elevated this rich, soothing beverage to new planes of experience. We are confident that our selection of chai teas will satisfy any palette. Chai is a centuries-old beverage that has played an important role in cultures throughout the world. Originating in India, chai is basically black tea brewed with selected spices and milk. The most commonly used spices are: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and peppermint. Sugar is added to these spices to release their unique, robust flavors.

Big Train ChaiBig-Train-Chai

Big Train Powder Chai Flavors

Caramel Chai*
Chocolate Chai
Decaf Spiced Chai
Decaf Vanilla Chai*
Gingerbread Chai (SEASONAL)*
Green Tea Chai
Low-Carb Spiced Chai (2 x 2lb)
No-Sugar-Added Vanilla Chai
Protein Fit Chai (4x3lb per case)
Pumpkin Pie Chai (SEASONAL)*
Raspberry Chai
Spiced Chai
Vanilla Chai

Bulk Bags (4×3.5lb per case)
Retail Bags (12x12oz bags per case)
Single Serve Packets (100 packets per case)

* = Only available in Bulk

Big Train Liquid Chai Flavors
Eastern Chai (2×1.5 gallon cartons per case)


David Rio ChaiDavidRio Family

Tiger Spice Chai
Elephant Vanilla Chai
Tortoise Green Tea Chai
Giraffe Decaf Chai**
Maple Moose Chai*
Orca Spice Sugar-Free Chai
Flamingo Vanilla Decaf Sugar-Free Chai
Toucan Mango Chai
Power Chai Matcha (vegan)**
Tea Frost Spice Chai Frappé***

Bulk Bags (4x4lb or 4x3lb bulk bags per case)
Retail Canisters (6x14oz or 6×11.9oz retail canisters per case)
Single Serve Packets (4×12 packets or 48 packets per case)
* = Only available in bulk
** = Not available in  single serve
***=Only available in 4×2.5lb bulk tins


Enlightened Chai

enlightened chai wholesale

Spicy Chai
Vanilla Chai

Bulk bags (5x3lb bags per case)

Looking for Enlightened FrappesClick Here

Cappuccine Chai


Indian Tea 
Spiced Chai 
Vanilla Chai

Bulk Bags (5x3lb bags per case)

Oregon Chai

Liquid Chai Tea Concentrate


(12x32oz cartons per case)

* = Also comes in 1.5 gallon box
** = Special order, please allow 2 weeks

Oregon “Super Concentrate”
Oregon “Super Concentrate, Extra Spicy”

(4x64oz jugs per case)


Mocafé Precious Divinity Chai Teachai-retail-group

Spiced Chai
Vanilla Chai (Special Order)
(4x3lb bags per case)

Mango Chai
(4x3lb bags per case)

Retail (12x12oz canisters per case, Vanilla 12x10oz canisters per case)
Single Serve Packets (100 packers per case)

Cafe Essentials Chai TeaCafe-Essentials-Ginger-Chai

Ginger Spiced Chai
Original Chai

(5×3.5lb bags per case)


Pacific Foods Chai Tea Concentrate, Barista Series

Original ChaiPacific-Chai
Spicy Chai

(12x32oz cartons per case)



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